What exactly do I mean when I say I love design?

Well, I love logos, business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, email signatures, folders and envelopes. I really love corporate identities and specialise in them. Brochures, flyers, pamphlets, newsletters, annual reports, adverts, posters, banners…I love them…I even love billboards.

The past 6 years of Leo Loves Design has taught me that design is a very broad term. As much as I admire being a ‘Jack of all Trades’, I’ve recently made the decision to focus primarily on logos and corporate identities. It’s what I love the most!

Did you count how many times I used the word ‘I’? Enough about me, already.

What does Leo Loves Design offer?

Leo Loves Design is really about you, your company, your goals, your marketing strategy, your clients and how we (you and I) can make your company a success.

Logos are the very start of any visual identity. Each and every marketing strategy will pivot around the look and feel of your logo. Leo Loves Design believe that every company’s brand should have an intelligent, distinctive and polished design that will communicate the professional image to your clients and employees.

  • The research and development of your logo is where I prefer to spend the most time as this will visually define your company.
  • Once the logo is perfected, and depending on the package you choose, I’ll move onto creating a business card and letterhead for you company. This will allow you to start communicating with the public.
  • Often, a website is the next step. Having a web presence is essential in this day and age. I no longer offer website design (having streamlined my area of expertise) and will suggest a suitable web designer if you’ve not already assigned one. I work very closely with my preferred web developer and will be active in protecting and continuing your branding throughout the web development period. I am always on hand to weigh in on aesthetic decisions should you be using your own web designer.
  • Marketing material is inevitable. Be it digital banners and adverts, or physical flyers and brochures. I’m available to oversee the design and production of this material.

Ultimately, I’d like you to think of me as an extension of your company.

Start ups don’t always have the budget for a marketing department who oversees the brand consistency throughout the various mediums through which they communicate. And that’s where Leo Loves Design comes in. I’d like to like to grow with you – from the first stages of birthing your brand, to watching over you develop and grow your business, to gaining your independence and adding a full time marketing team to your company.