Design is an objective process and, as designers, we need to be able to craft our product and be able to rationalise our approach objectively rather than rely on subjectivity. We follow a process that allows us to understand your objectives and deliver your desired outcome. Below is an overview of the process involved in crafting an identity. It’s a good indication of the steps followed in producing your logo.

 The Brief

The design brief is the most significant element of the design process. It collates the information your designer needs to understand your needs, the scope of your project, as well as measure the success of the project. Most importantly, a design brief ensures that all parties understand the objectives, audience, and expected results of the project from the outset.

The brief is usually compiled from a Q &A session with the client, be it in person or via the logo design questionnaire that is sent to you. The better the brief – the better the designer understands – the better your logo.

 Research and Brainstorming

A considerable amount of the time spent ‘designing a logo’ will be devoted to research. Only once your designer understands your brief, and probably follows up with questions, can they begin with thorough research and brainstorming. They’ll look at your company profile, your competitors, market trends and your brand aspirations. If your company already exists, they’ll also consider your previous and current communication material.


Pencil and paper are still the quickest way to explore ideas for your logo. Drawing on a computer is often more time consuming and leads to more focus on perfecting the layout, rather than focusing on jotting down as many free flowing ideas.


From these sketches, the strongest ideas are chosen and your designer will transfer these to the computer – spending time exploring and perfecting them to present to you. These designs are preferably created in Adobe Illustrator – a vector based program that allows for exact measurements that can be scaled to almost any size.

 The Presentation

The strongest designs will then be presented to you. They are usually emailed to you as PDF’s, with supporting synopses for each option. You’ll usually be offered 3 – 5 options at first so as not to overwhelm you. This initial offering is often a gauge by which the designer can judge where the client’s preferences lie. You’ll be asked to consider the design and supply feedback based on how well the designs fulfil the brief.


If you’re drawn to a specific design from the first round of logo options, you’ll move onto tweaking this design to perfection. Or if you’d prefer to explore a different direction, another round of logos will be created based on your feedback. Depending on the package you’ve chosed, Leo Loves Design offers either 4 or an unlimited number of revision rounds. The ultimate aim is create an identitu that works for your business – so the number of tweaks are not set in stone. Ultimately, you should be happy and proud of your logo.

 Artwork Supply

Your final artwork will be supplied via email. Various file formats will be supplied to suit the most common needs – focusing on ensuring that you have files suitable for printing and for digital use. Should you require specific file formats, these can be requested.

 After service

I’m always available to provide assistance regarding your logo design application. As much as possible, I’m happy to advise you with any design and production related queries.