Ground Zero

Ground Zero Gardenscapes. A modern garden landscaping service deserved a modern identity. We considered the process behind what Ground Zero offers their clients: sketching the idea, spraying the outlines of each of the garden’s features, and finally digging and planting within these outlines. Each step, no matter how much care is taken, has a little […]

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Chiloe Luxury Linens. A logo that I’d created in the early 2000s finally needed a refresh. We updated the colour palette and typography. As the company evolved, what began as locally sourced silk bedding has extended to clothing and bedding made from linen fabrics. However, the silkworm moth icon was retained, as it symbolised the

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Vine & Wine

The Vine & Wine Podcast. Inspired by the late night nerdy conversations had in trendy wine bars – Vine & Wine thought it was high time that these thoughts and wine knowledge were shared with the rest of the wine-loving world. The colours were inspired by the somm’s favourite jersey. The ampersand was begging to

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Bisque firing refers to the process of turning dry but fragile, unfired clay into a porous, durable state called ceramics. Working with clay is a calming, almost meditative feeling for this business owner. We wanted to capture that zen feeling by balancing bowls (as opposed to pebbles), using a tranquil earthy colour palette. https://leolovesdesign.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/BisqueMP4.mp4 Other

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Hey Buddy

Hey Buddy. As Cape Town counted down to Day Zero and mourned our hard-earned gardens, Hey Buddy emerged to offer a solution: water-wise indigenous flowering seeds that would beautify the garden without exhausting our precious water reserves. The idea was to brighten everyone’s moods and help us forget about 2-minute showers – therefore, we opted

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Intuitive Motion

Intuitive Motion. A project born out of the need to stretch the body and calm the soul during the restrictive months of lockdown. What started as Zoom classes with friends and colleagues, evolved into a fully fledged yoga studio. The focus was on holistic calm, core strength, and incremental progress at one’s own pace…an ever

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Gingerly Biscuiteers. When baking gingerbread brings such delight, one turns it into a delicious enterprise not limited to only the festive season. From classic gingerbread people and gingerbread house building kits, to gingersnap cookies and chocolate coated crunchy bites dotted with dried ginger…it made for delicious ‘research’! We chose an opulent typeface…and took a bite

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Holy Macaroni

Holy Macaroni Home Made Pasta. We knew we wanted to use lineart and illustrative work for a potential recipe book and the embroidered linen aprons used in her cooking classes. And the name called for a crown of radiant halo-like flares. The owner has a homely, rustic aesthetic and practices sustainability in her kitchen. Therefore,

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